Abstract submission

  • Deadlines
    We will strictly adhere to the following deadlines.

    • The deadline for receipt of abstracts is June 8th 23:59:59 UTC (Monday).
  • Submission system
    All abstracts must be submitted through the online system. After clicking on the “Submit an Abstract” button you will be redirected to an external system (Ex Ordo) where you need to create an account in order to enter the abstract. Abstracts will not be accepted via email.
  • Presentation types
    The submission types include oral or poster presentation. If you have no preference you may choose “oral/poster” and the session organizer will assign later the type of presentation.
  • Number of abstracts
    Each abstract must have one (and only one) presenting author. The authors may submit more than one abstract and can be included as co-author on more than one submission.
  • Submission process
    • The abstract submission form contains instructions on the various steps required to complete a submission. After you create your account you may exit and re-enter the system to complete or edit a submission.
    • Abstract Body – 500 words maximum
      • The abstract form will only allow up to 500 words in plain text format (no figures or tables are allowed). LaTeX Markup is not supported. You may either copy and paste from another program, or type in your abstract text directly.
    • Corrections
      • Prior to the abstract deadline, authors may make their own corrections by re-entering the form.
    • Drafts
      • Submissions in draft status will not be considered for review. You must remember to submit your abstract by the deadline.
  • Registration Requirement
    All presenters must register for the Symposium starting June 16th. Abstract submission does not imply automatic registration.